June 14, 2023

Whats Up With Reddit?

Recently Reddit updated their API prices where they will be starting to charge for their API, this should be alright however reddits’ prices are unrealistic relative to the income which is generated for Reddit using those APIs.


The most popular third party Reddit app is known as Appolo. Commensing the change in API usuage rules, they were given a total of $20M/annum for Appolo to run how as it-is. This really made the Reddit community rage and created a domino effect where almost all the popular reddit communities have been privated making Reddit unsuable for a normal user.

Reddit’s Stance

Reddits’ CEO says “it’ll pass” in an interval memo obtained by The Verge.

The full memo can be found here: https://www.theverge.com/2023/6/13/23759559/reddit-internal-memo-api-pricing-changes-steve-huffman

This makes it clear that they are there to stay which may be harming them long term.

Our Stance

Maintaining an API is an expensive and resource consuming task however pricing it so much so that all the other users and developers that use your API get affected. Additinally, Reddit’s pricing is really abnormal for an API program considering their earnings but more specifically earnings from third party application using their API.

Reddit mods protest is reasonable and would be better if they continue until rules are changed.