Google Passkey: A New Way to Secure Your Accounts

Google Introduces Passkey: A New Way to Secure Your Online Accounts In an effort to improve online security, Google has introduced a new feature called Passkey. This feature allows users to securely log in to their accounts without the need for a password. Instead, Passkey uses a combination of biometric information and a physical security key to verify the user’s identity.

How Passkey Works

To use Passkey, users will need to have a compatible Android device or a physical security key. The device or key will be used to verify the user’s identity when logging in to their accounts. Passkey uses a combination of biometric information such as facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, or voice recognition, along with the physical key, to ensure that the user is authorized to access the account.

How to Enable Passkey

Enabling Passkey is a simple process:

  • Go to the “Security” section of your Google Account settings
  • Click on “2-Step Verification”
  • Select “Add a security key”
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to set up your Passkey

Passkey FAQ

What devices are compatible with Passkey?

Passkey is compatible with Android devices running version 7.0 or later, and with physical security keys that support the FIDO2 standard.

What if I lose my physical security key?

If you lose your physical security key, you can still access your account by using an alternative verification method, such as a backup key or a verification code sent to your phone.

Is Passkey more secure than a password?

Passkey provides an added layer of security by using biometric information and a physical key to verify your identity. This makes it more difficult for unauthorized users to access your account compared to a traditional password.

Can Passkey be used with all my online accounts?

Currently, Passkey can only be used with Google accounts. However, Google is working to expand the use of Passkey to other online services in the future.


Passkey is a new way to secure your online accounts, and provides an added layer of protection against unauthorized access. By enabling Passkey, you can improve the security of your Google account and make it more difficult for hackers to gain access to your sensitive information.

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