LinusTechTips Got Hacked


LTT (LinuxTechTips) got hacked and the channel got terminated and still is termnated right now as I write this. The main reason for the hijack is yet to be confirmed by LTT however I believe that it is the following reason most likely:

Trojan Horse: YouTubers who download and install a malicious programme posing as a trustworthy software application risk having their accounts compromised through Trojan horses. These applications are used by attackers to acquire confidential data or seize control of the victim’s computer.

Official Statement

As of now (21 04 UTC, 23.03.23), Linus himself posted this post on their plateform Floatplane:

*screenshot taken from LTT reddit


LTT is one of the top tech YouTubers, if not the top tech youtuber, especially when it comes to daily operations and how much money LTT’s channels bring in for Linux Media Group and YouTube itself. Some people on Reddit have noted that LTT does not have a security analyst on their team, which is a major major mistake.


24.3.23, 02 23 UTC: It was discovered over night that Linux Tech Tips and TechQuckie were hacked, and some of the private LTT videos were first made public. However, both channels have since recovered, and Linux Media Group has not provided any updates as of yet. The community is anticipating LTT’s WAN Show, which will be interesting.

24.3.23, 10 00 UTC: LTT released a video mentioning everything and turns out it was a session token stealer. Video can be viewed at:

that’s it <3