Why Use HUGO?

With the abundance of website builders and CMSs accessible, creating a website is no longer a daunting task. However, for small websites or blogs, many of these tools can be bloated, slow, and overly complicated. Static site generators, such as Hugo, come in handy here, providing an efficient method to construct websites using simple text files rather than traditional HTML, CSS, and JS.

Hugo is an open-source static site generator written in the Go computer language. It creates pages and templates with basic markup languages like Markdown and HTML, which are then rendered into static HTML files. Hugo has become one of the most popular static site generators, especially for blogs and documentation sites, due to its speed and simplicity.

The following are some advantages of using Hugo over conventional HTML, CSS, and JS:

  1. Hugo generates static HTML pages quickly, which makes it ideal for sites with a significant number of pages. The site loads quicker for users because there is no database or server-side scripting involved.

  2. Easier maintenance: If you want to change the design or structure of a traditional website, you must update each page separately. Hugo allows you to update the layout or design of the site in a single file, and the changes will be applied to all sites that use that template.

  3. Hugo’s workflow is built on text files and a command-line interface, making it more user-friendly than traditional HTML, CSS, and JS. This is especially beneficial for coders who prefer to use code editors rather than web-based CMSs.

  4. Better SEO: Hugo-generated static sites are more SEO-friendly than dynamic sites because they load quicker and are simpler for search engines to crawl.

To summarize, Hugo is a powerful and adaptable website creation tool that provides a faster, simpler, and more SEO-friendly option to traditional HTML, CSS, and JS. Hugo is an excellent choice for developers and bloggers who want to build professional-looking websites without the hassle of conventional CMSs, thanks to its simple workflow and numerous customization options.

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