Linux as Daily Driver?

Who should not use Linux

if these programmes are essential to you :

  • Use Adobe products
  • Use O365 i.e. Outlook
  • or if you are into gaming

75% of games work perfectly fine on Linux, especially if they are well-known games; however, some games may give you trouble under Linux.

Why use Linux

It’s been a year since I began using linux as a daily driver, and my productivity has steadily increased. This is also the time when I created and maintained this website, as well as began doing freelance work for school, and it was all made possible by linux. To be honest, I doubt I’d do all of that with Windows, given their continuous updates and how frequently the blue screen of death appears.

Which distribution should I choose

In my opinion, there are only three main distributions that anyone should consider:

  • Debian

    • It is most stable
    • Most of the distrubutions are based on Debian like: Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, Pop OS and Kali Linux so you will have a better time using Debian
  • Fedora

    • You should choose Fedora because Debian uses much older versions of the Linux kernel as well as programmes that may not be suitable for everyone, so Fedora may be better for you.
  • Arch/Manjaro

    • Arch employs the most recent and advanced Linux kernel and programme versions

that’s it <3